When Should You Use a Teleprompter?

First of all, 98% of the time I don’t use a teleprompter in my videos. But many people wonder if they should be using a teleprompter to get more comfortable on camera.

There are only three times, in my opinion, that you should use a teleprompter. If your main business is to be on camera, I wouldn’t recommend using a teleprompter outside of these three scenarios, for the most part:

Scenario #1 – If you have a very tight timeline.

If you only have 30 seconds to shoot a video and you have a commercial that’s going to run on TV, or someone wants you to provide them with 15-20 seconds worth of content, every section might need to be scripted out and be very specific and very intentional.

So if you have a very tight timeline, you might want to use a teleprompter.

Scenario #2 – If you have detailed information.

If you are doing a webinar or something like that and you have a lot of information such as dates, times, time zones, url’s, phone numbers and all of these other facts and details that you need to include, that might be another good time to use a teleprompter. You are going to get very flustered if you if you have to say,

“Check out my website.com/whateverthehecIwassupposedtoremember and here’s the date of my webinar and here’s the time,”

You are probably going to forget and you might ruin the video, so it might be another time to use the teleprompter.

Scenario #3 – Is for confidence.

A lot of people will use a teleprompter when they are not confident and the problem is that when you do it for confidence, people can tell you are reading.

You don’t want to be that person, so the only time to use a teleprompter for confidence is if you are doing something like shooting a video testimonial with a client and they aren’t used to being on camera. If you can get their genuine reaction on camera, then that’s great!

However, most people will openly tell you to your face, “I love this program! It was awesome!” but then you put a camera in front of them and they clam up and get really shy and intimidated. In this situation, you might want to put a teleprompter in front of them to give them a little bit more confidence when they are on camera and it can be extremely beneficial for you.

As I said earlier, when we shoot video, maybe only 2% of the time will we use a teleprompter and it’s only in extreme circumstances.

I hope this was helpful for you! Do me a favor, if you like this video first of all, share it!

Until then, I’ll see you on another great video just like this.