When Should You Quit?

Today, we’re talking about quitting and giving up, because a lot of people want to know when should you quit?  When do you give up?

We just wrapped up, this last month, The Online Video Marketing Summit, which in my mind was a huge success for us and it was a fantastic event. But it didn’t really start out that way.

In fact, in the beginning from the concept stage, we had a lot of issues.  We had to move dates, and then we ended up having very low registration up front. And it was one of those times where right in the beginning, we had to evaluate our situation. Should we quit? Should we give up? Should we stop right now and not continue to go forward with it?

But you know what? As a team we said,

“Look, there is no quit. It is a burn the bridges, let’s all go forward, and let’s make this thing happen.”

And I’m so glad we did! Because over the past couple of months, as we prepared and got ready for this event, it gave us so many skills that we never even thought we needed to have.

The same goes for you as you are working on something. At some point you are going to have to make an evaluation and say,

“When should I give up?”

But if you are interested in learning at all times, in every situation like I am, there are so many different ways to do it.

I’ll tell you, when somebody asked me,

“What happens if you make money at all different levels?  What are the ways that you make your money back? How do you make sure that all of those things are working together to get you the best outcome?”

What I would say in response is that we had backup plans for backup plans for backup plans, and don’t get me wrong, so many things didn’t work out anywhere near what we wanted to. But instead of sitting down and saying,

“Okay, it’s time to throw in the towel and quit,”

We just said,

“What’s the lesson we are learning and what else can we do?”

And you know what happened? We became more resourceful, more powerful with what we did and now, the next time we do another event like it, it is going to be amazing.

So we pulled it off. The team really came together and made it work at a level I would have never even expected. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t doubt ourselves.

So if you are doing something right now and you are doubting if it’s worth the time, if it is worth the effort, if is worth the energy, and you are thinking should you just quit, I would just encourage you to keep going because:

Version one is better than version none.

This is extremely important and I want you to get this.  Sometimes you just have to “have the baby.”  You have to get that project out there and you have to get it started just so you can stay moving and stay focused and get it underway.

If you don’t do it at all, it will never exist.  If you do it and you pull it off, it can be a huge accomplishment and even if you fail, it will be better than if you had not tried at all in the first place.

So if you like this video and it was inspirational for you, do me a favor and in the comment section, say inspirational and say: “I’m not quitting!”  Until then, have a fantastic week and don’t quit, never give up.