What You Focus on Follows You – Are you Focused on the Right Things?

Did you know that what you focus on follows you?

If you have been on Facebook for five minutes or five years, you have probably noticed that it can start some fires. Whether it’s the results of the recent election or just talking about your favorite TV show or your favorite sports team, a lot of fires can start on Facebook.

Did you know that Facebook actually keeps track of what your opinion is and it will continue to put information in front of you that supports the opinion that you have?

This is just like in business. Whatever you focus on, or whatever you are looking for will be the results that you see or you wouldn’t be able to back up your opinion.

I used to work with a guy who was a divorce attorney and he told me oncec,

“Jason, of people who get married, do you know what percentage they love about one another and what percentage can they do without?”

He said,

“Normally its about 90/10. People love 90 percent and 10 percent they can do without but are willing to put up it with when they get married.”

And then he said,

“Do you know what happens when they come into my office to get a divorce what that number changes to?”

What do you think that number becomes?

He said,

“Most people would say that 90 percent is what they don’t like and they only like 10 percent.”

But that is completely wrong. The number actually remains exactly the same: 90 percent they love and 10 percent they don’t.

Do you know what the difference is? They are now focused and obsessed about that 10 percent and now it is so aggravating and so frustrating that they can’t take it anymore and they just want out of that relationship.

So my challenge to you is to think about what it is exactly that you are focused on. Whether you are scrolling through Facebook and liking certain things based on your opinion or just in your work place, are you focused on the things that only support your opinion or are you staying focused on the right things?

Are you focusing on the negative or are you focusing on the future?  How do you stay future focused instead of past focused?  How do you stay focused on the things that will lift you up and take you to another level instead of getting focused on or obsessed with the negative things in your life that will bring you down?

In the comment section let me know what’s the best thing(s) that you can stay focused on for the next seven days that will elevate what you are thinking about?