What Does a Guitar Have to Do with Your Marketing?

Now, I am definitely no guitar player. If I tried to play you anything it would probably be horrible, but I do know a little bit about tuning a guitar (that’s probably the one thing that I can do.)

What I do know is that the longer the guitar sits, because my guitars tend to sit pretty regularly, the faster they go out of tune. And so when you try to play something, it sounds horrible because you don’t ever tune up your guitar.

Well your marketing, your database, your customers and your clients are the exact same way. In fact, if you are not regularly tuning in to your database or tuning in to your customers and dialing in your exact message, it’s going to sound horrible when you send it out.

So, what does this have to do with marketing? Well here is the key. What you want to do is regularly be in front of your clients and in front of your customers.

I can’t tell you the number of businesses that I talk to, that have hundreds or thousands of people inside their database and I ask them,

“When is the last time you sent an email to your database?”

They say,

“Uh, it’s been a year.” or “It’s been two years.” or “Once every couple of months I might send them an email.”

The way you keep a guitar tuned up, is to tune it on a frequent basis. You play it on a regular basis. Just like that same idea, you want to be in front of your customers and your clients on a regular basis.

I’ll give you an example: What we do every single week is I send out a video like this to our database. We send it out every week on Thursday at 1:00pm California time. We have been doing this practice for over 8 years and it has helped us “tune up our guitar,” if you will, and we stay in front of all of our clients, customers and maybe even people who have never heard from us before.

They still get exposure to us because we do this one simple action of recording and sending this video every week.

Now, I want to be really clear though. I am not perfect and there are times when we miss a video because I can’t step in the studio and I can’t shoot one for the week, or I am out of town.  So what we do is we take an old video that we ran months ago, and we will rerun it in that same slot on Thursday at 1:00pm.

I would say out of 8 years of us doing this, we have probably only missed sending out a handful of these videos.

Many of you that are watching this video don’t have a frequency program that is anywhere like that. So you are busting out the guitar, trying to play it and it takes a long time to tune and so you just give up and you say,

“I will just send out another email at some point in the future.”

One of the biggest things that touching base with your database can help you do is when you ask for something from your customers, you have this frequency in their minds. You have already been top of mind with them. They already pay attention to you on a regular basis. So when you ask for a sale, appointment, a referral or just for some business, they are now paying attention because you have built that relationship. You had that frequency and instead of being out of tune and not paying attention, it puts you in a place that sounds a little bit better.

And that, my friends, should be (ironically) music to your ears.

What are some other things you do to stay top of mind with your clients and customers on a frequent basis?