The Secret to Keeping People Motivated

One of the biggest questions I get the most often is,

“Jason, how do you get people to stay motivated?”

I was on the phone with someone last week, who said to me,

“You know what Jason, I am so fried, exhausted, and burnt out with my business. I need to decide with you on the phone today if I should shut my business down, or keep it going.”

And I thought to myself, what a painful spot to come from.

So, I worked with her on this challenge of, do I have enough motivation to keep going?

If you are in any sort of position of leadership, you probably face this yourself, or you have to extract motivation out of other people. And if you’re the one having to crack the whip, and keep others motivated, then they are not internally motivated.

So, how exactly do you get people internally motivated?

Here are the exact questions you could ask:

#1 What is it that you really want to have?

It’s a very simple question and most people are going to dance around it because the answer is unclear for them, so it’s going be unclear for you too.

There are three areas that we would want to know

a. What is it that you really want have in your FAMILY life?
b. What is it that you really want to have in your WORK life?
c. What is it that you really want to have in terms of INCOME?

Those three areas of your life will help guide what it is you’re doing, and why is it you get up every single day.

#2 What is the very next step you can take to get to that bigger vision?

For example, if they said,

“I want to be able to take one day off a week.”

You might say,

“Well, what the closest action that you could take?”

And they might say,

“Well, I’d start by taking a half day on Friday.”

Then you ask the next question,

“What would you need to do in order to take a half day off on Friday?”

And they will give you a list of things they could do and the list of things they give you should now be tangible, specific actions that they can actually write down and fulfill.

What is really important is to take them to the biggest possible vision of their future, all the way down into the smallest, specific actions.

Here is the secret to the motivation:

Paint that big picture of where they want to go, and use the immediate picture of what they can do right now.

See, a lot of people are “to-do list” masters, where they live in the space of, “Okay, I have to get all of these things done.”

But there is also a lot of you who are the big picture dreamers thinking,

“One day I’ll do these great things.”

The job to keep you motivated, or the job of somebody to motivate you, is to help you create that big picture and keep that small, tighter picture in perspective. When you have those, you can take the next action and move forward.

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