The Power of Casual Professionalism

You might be thinking “Casual Professionalism doesn’t go together,” but I’m here to tell you that right now we are in one of the most unique environments you could possibly have in business. You have more ways to contact, reach out and connect with your customer than ever before.

Now you can contact them via Facebook, LinkedIn, text message, email, etc. Back when I first started the business, we had only a few computers in our office and email was almost a taboo thing to do. It was mainly fax communication and phone call communication. Emails were just starting to get popular.

One of the biggest things that happened is we kind of formalized everything. Meaning, if you sent out an email to your database or if you send out just a message to a client, it used to be very formal and you would send out all this information with a 10 paragraph message to really make sure you communicate everything.

What’s happening right now in the marketplace is that communication is actually becoming more casual. People are getting more comfortable with more casual communication, because you can now do things like text message your clients as acceptable business communication. Or you can message them on Facebook or message them on LinkedIn.

But what we find over and over again is this:

#1 – Personal communication is best
#2 – Casual communication is best
#3 – The shorter your communication is, the higher the response rate

If you can get a message to your client down to one sentence or even in just a few words, you’re going to increase engagement and the engagement rate will go through the roof.

Now, when you send that short email, probably the most important thing you can do is make sure that you end the email with or that the email itself is a question that expects a response.

I had somebody that I emailed the other day who said,

“Jason it would be rude if I didn’t get back to you; you asked me a question that required a response.”

That’s exactly the type of casual form of business communications that’s effectively working right now.

We just did our Online Video Marketing Summit back a few weeks ago and what ended up happening is we sent out all these big long emails letting people know about the event, but you know what was the most effective and got the most response? A personal email from me just sent out to individuals that just said,

“Hey it’s Jason. I have an event coming up in Sacramento. Would you like to join me?”

Just me personally sending out that email made a huge difference to our engagement rate and made it off the hook as far as how many people responded and let us know that they were interested.

So whether you are on Facebook, LinkedIn, or you are sending an email or maybe even a text message, make your communication a little bit more casual, a little more personal and you will drive your engagement rates through the roof.

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