The Only Thing You Need to Bring to Thanksgiving

What is the ONLY thing you need to bring to Thanksgiving?

We are in the season of Thanksgiving.  And one of the things I think is extremely important is that you know the definition of the word “Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving: The expression of gratitude.

There are so many people, especially with this recent election, that are not in the expression of gratitude.  They are in their expression of attitude, where it is a “walk in with a chip on your shoulder” attitude.  They go in and they already know that they are going to box with Uncle So and So or they aren’t getting along with grandma or they haven’t talked well with their their parents for the last couple of months.  And now everyone gets together and sits around the table (at least here in the United States) and eats a Turkey or Ham dinner and argues with each other.  Right?  That’s what it’s all about.  Arguing with each other… well…no.

It’s not about arguing with each other.  It’s actually about how you show and express gratitude to one another.

Well, I am going to throw you a random challenge this Thanksgiving season.  Maybe you have done this before, maybe you haven’t.

#1: I want you to make a list of the one, two, three maybe five or ten people that you might get in an argument with this season.

#2: Then, all I want you to do is write down five things about each one of those people that you are grateful for.

I know that might sound like a crazy challenge, but I am going to give it to you right now.  Write down every single name of the people you don’t get along with at your Thanksgiving dinner and write down those five things you are grateful for about them.  Maybe it’s just that they challenge you.  Maybe it’s that they have made you laugh before.  Maybe it’s just that they are still family even though you guys don’t always get along.  What would be five things that you are grateful for?

#3: And at the very end, after writing all those things about (hopefully) only a couple of people you don’t get along with, the last thing I want you to do is write down five things that you are just personally grateful for this year.

What are the five things in the last twelve months that you are ultimately grateful for that just makes you say “Man, this year was amazing!”  Because when you get the focus off of who you don’t like or don’t get along with and you turn it around to just who are you grateful for and why you are grateful, it will just totally change around your thanksgiving.

One of the things our family does is we take just a minute right before dinner and we just pass around, like a popcorn style conversation, saying something that we are grateful for.  And the whole family, if they want to chime in, can chime in and say something they are grateful for.

So again, if you want to be in an attitude of gratitude, instead of just having a bad attitude, then I highly recommend that you try out this exercise.

Think about it, what is one thing that you are grateful for?  I would love to know!

I’m very grateful for all of you for taking the time to watch this video. Thank you!