The Most Important Thing I’m Thankful For This Year

I was out doing my Thanksgiving shopping, like many of you might be doing this week.

And the question came up:

What is one thing that you can’t do without on Thanksgiving?

Is it the Martinelli’s? Or maybe it’s the stuffing?

One of my favorites for sure is pumpkin pie. Now, I love pumpkin pie, and I love my mom’s homemade pumpkin pie probably better than anything else.

Here’s the thing: There are so many different things people argue about at Thanksgiving.

People argue about sweet potatoes; canned, non-canned? Do you put marshmallows on top of them? Do you make your own? Maybe you are the type of person that uses packaged gravy. My mom makes a killer homemade gravy. Obviously, you can tell I’m kind of partial to my mom’s cooking. Maybe because I’ve been eating it my whole entire life.

I want to know from you in the comment section below, what is the one thing you can’t live without on Thanksgiving?

One of the most important things that I can’t live without on Thanksgiving that is a little different than food, is GRATITUDE.

One thing my family does every single year is we get together and before we pray and bless the meal, we just say what the things are this year that we are extremely grateful for.

And this year, I’m more grateful than I’ve ever been in the past, for YOU! Meaning, the people that have supported me, and encouraged me, and have done incredible things with me this year.

From the amount of events that we have done, to the people who have watched the live videos. It has just overwhelmed me this year with the amount of people who really helped us to grow, and become more of a brand, more of a company, and just be a place where people can go and get amazing tools and resources.

So, I just want to say from me to you, from my family to your family, no matter what’s going on at the Thanksgiving dinner table, I just want to show you some gratitude and say THANK YOU!

I am so grateful for YOU. I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving with your friends and family.