Quit Trying to Work with Everybody!

I have certainly been there where I thought everybody was a prospective customer. Basically I thought, if you could fog a mirror, then I should be working with you. As a salesperson that used to be the case, but my business has drastically changed since then. Now we use an “auditioning process” for new clients and customers.

Now, anybody who wants to work with us has to fill out an application before we speak to them. This detailed marketing process is important because our business has gotten so much bigger and it has allowed us to attract only the right type of customers.

We use a filter in our qualifying process to help us see if they are the right fit. We ask them questions such as:

• What size is your business?
• What kind of problems do you need help with?
• Why do YOU think you are the right fit for coaching?

Once they answer the questions, we evaluate if we can help solve their problems. If we don’t think we can, we will send them somewhere else.

This process will drastically change the landscape of your business. It will reduce the stress on you, your team, and it will make it so you can work with people that you love to work with and that absolutely love to work with you too.

You might be thinking,

“I don’t have a marketing system and I have to struggle to make that happen.”

Either way, you can still get people to “audition” by sending them an application or asking some qualifying questions before you work with them.

It’s important to also remember to be willing to say no if they are not the right fit. If you can’t help them, then they are probably the wrong client for you.

So get ready to say “NO” and get ready to audition your clients.

If this video was challenging for you in a good way, do me a favor and in the comment section below, say “I will audition my clients.”  I would love to hear that you are going to take that step and start auditioning your prospects.

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Have a fantastic week and I look forward to seeing you on another video like this really soon.