Pivot: The Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life – Interview with Adam Markel

Today I have the privilege of hanging out with Adam Markel.

He is the CEO of one of the largest training companies in the US called New Peaks.

Adam just recently released the book he has been working on called “Pivot”

Many people have turning points in their lives where something changes and then we are faced with so many different paths that we can go down. As we head down a certain path, there will be certain points along the way that we will have to “pivot” in order to continue down that same path.

Adams book is like a “GPS” that tells you where you need to go. It helps you “pivot” back in the right direction when you get off track. The book is meant to be a transformation tool with 3 different parts:

1. Establishing Clarity – Know what you want
2. Momentum – What it is you need to do to start tipping the dominoes over
3. 21 Day Action Plan

According to Adam, one of the main things people take away from this book is the clarity with an action plan. They get clarity and then they have an action plan that they can actually marry to the clarity.

For those of you reading this that are not sure of what you are doing and feel like you should be doing something different with the rest of your life, this might be the perfect time to read Adam’s book.

You can get your copy of Adam’s book along with some other awesome goodies that go along with it such as the 21 Day video Series and a downloadable PDF Journal.


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Check out the rest of the video to hear the full interview with Adam and find out what inspired him to write such a great book.