How to Get Invited Back Every Single Time

Getting invited back by some of the biggest clients in the industry is not an easy thing to do.

In fact a lot of people get the opportunity to go somewhere big and they don’t get invited back.

Well, if you fall in that category or if you are trying to figure out how to get invited back to even bigger and even better client events, I’m going to share with you how to do that.

When I was younger, my parents always taught me that if you borrow something from somebody, always give it back to them in better shape than you found it. That goes for whether you stay at a friend’s house or you borrow their car. For example, if you borrow a car, make sure you give it back to them with a full tank of gas. If you go to somebody’s house, leave something behind or bring something with you to just simply say thank you for letting me stay here.

A good friend of mine was just visiting me from Australia and he brought over a whole bunch of gifts when he came over to my home. It was one of those situations that just reminds you when somebody brings gifts or they take care of your possessions better than you take care of them yourself, you want to give them a better experience and you will invite them back over again and again because they were a wonderful house guest.

So when you work with a client, my challenge to you is to think about what you can do with that client relationship that you have been given? How do you over-deliver, or go over the top in return, whether it’s the client, the program or the package. Whatever it is that you’re delivering, how do you treat that client’s business even better than they would treat it themselves or how do you treat that client better than they treat themselves?

What you will find happens is the more often you do that and the better you treat them, the more often you get invited back as a welcomed guest, instead of as a pest.

In the comment section below, do me a favor and tell us what you do that is over and above that helps clients remember you. Take care!