How to Follow Up with Your Customers without Being Annoying

We have all been there where we are waiting to hear back from a client about a proposal and we need to make a phone call to follow up with them.

Many surveys have been done that have found that the number one most annoying phone call that a business owner can get, is a follow up phone call.

So how do you follow up without being annoying?

Well there is something called a Valid Business Reason (“VBR”).

When you have a Valid Business Reason for calling a client, instead of just calling to follow up on a contract, it makes your approach more personal and less annoying. It is important to think of what else can you call them for, besides “just following up”.

Some ideas include finding a relevant magazine article, or something in the newspaper (I know that sounds very old school and dated) but believe it or not, depending on the type of client you have, if you took the time to cut out a magazine article or send them something from a newspaper, and you personally mail it to them, it keeps you top of mind.  It helps you follow up with them, without really having to follow up.

In today’s modern age, you can do something a lot more sophisticated than that.

I recommend something called a Google Alert.  A Google Alert is a way you can trigger a search automatically and google will email you results as they change online. Just like when you do a google search and many results come up, what a google alert does is it will alert you to the new things that come up.

You can follow a person, a company or you can even follow an industry.

For example, if you are following somebody in the mortgage industry, you can set a google alert for their name.  If anything shows up online that has their name, you will get an email about it.  This gives you a reason to forward something to the client.

Maybe their company has press worthy information, or shows up in the news.  You can then forward them that article.  Or, if you want to just watch the mortgage industry in general and notice when rates drop or go up, it will give you a Valid Business Reason now to contact that client and say,

“Hey, I noticed that rates were recently on the rise, how is that impacting your business?”

Now you have a legitimate Valid Business Reason to be in front of that client without just calling and saying,

“Hey, I’m just calling to follow up with you about that contract we were talking about signing.”

I hope this tip was helpful for you.  You probably have some other great ideas about some other Valid Business Reasons to be in front of your customer.  Do me a favor and put them in the comment section because I love seeing ideas from people just like you that are watching these videos.

Now if you found this valuable, my guess is there are other people that would love to have you share this video so they can get the same value out of it.

Until then, have a fantastic week and have some good follow up with your clients and customers.