How to Create Million Dollar Deals with Videos

We just spent the last week in 120 degree Fahrenheit, blazing hot weather at the Blair Singer Training Academy in Scottsdale, Arizona where many Video Rockstars came together to create profitable videos.

They learned how to create amazing videos, connect deeply with their audience and convert those clients into customers. In just the 4 days that we were on site at the Video Rockstar Bootcamp, collectively they converted over $51,499 just by creating a few simple, short videos for their business.

Check out the video below to see what the participants thought of the entire event:

Since the event concluded, I continue to receive text messages and emails from these clients, telling me that they sold another $2,000, another $4,000 and we even have a ONE MILLION dollar deal pending!

This is the kind of thing that we make sure that you learn and know how to do after attending the Video Rockstar Bootcamp. If you want more information on the Next Video Rockstar Bootcamp, reply back “Rockstar” and we will see YOU at the next bootcamp.