How to Create a Successful Facebook Post

It seems like almost every day I’m getting on the phone with another client who has questions about how they can utilize Facebook to grow their business.

It used to be that if your business wasn’t in the phone book, then it didn’t really exist.  Well, today it is the same thing.  If your business isn’t on Facebook, then your business doesn’t really exist.

You really should be utilizing Facebook and I am going to be giving you some tips today on how you can best do that.

We have broken down and given you a very simple formula with three steps that show you how to create amazing quality Facebook posts without having to start from scratch.

Step #1 – Notice a trend.

Look for things that are getting a lot of attention.  If you notice a post that has a lot of shares in your Newsfeed or you notice a video that has like half a million video views or a million video views, that is a good sign that something is a trend.

Step #2 – Deconstruct the post.

It could be a photo, it could be a video, but notice what are the elements that are involved in that and try to be as detailed as you can in your breakdown.  So if it is a video, were they using a time-lapse? Did it have a filter?  So if it is a video, were they using a time-lapse? Did it have a filter?  Notice what the different elements are that are being used to construct that video. 

Step #3 – Set it in the context of your own business.

If you see something from another industry and you think,

“I’m a CPA so that post wont work for me, but I would like to use it for my hair salon,” 

Well you need to figure out how to make it in the context that is appropriate for your business.

I am going to give you an example of how we actually did something like that here in our office.

We noticed that there were a couple of trends online so we decided to combine them.  If you can combine more than one trend, even better! There were two trends that we noticed.  One was there are these big giant air sacks that you can inflate, roll them up and you can sit on them as cushions.  You can take them to the beach, take them to the pool.  You may or may not have seen these already but we noticed they had millions of views on their video and we thought they were cool so we ordered them for our office. 

We also noticed there was a big trend in people doing side-by-side comparison videos.  For instance they would compare the original infomercial where they make everything look really easy to the real life video that shows how complicated it actually is.  We figured these were going to be more complicated to set up than the infomercial showed, so we went out to our warehouse one evening, set up an Iphone on time-lapse and made a video of us trying to set these up for the first time. 

We read the instructions and it didn’t take the mythical 10 seconds like they show in the video.  It actually took us about 10 minutes of running around the office trying to figure it out.  We screwed up. I sat down on it and it deflated. Then we finally got them to work.

So we deconstructed the elements of the post, we noticed a trend and then we put it in context for our office. We shared that video online and you know what was interesting about sharing that video? That video got 4-5x’s the reach of a normal video that we run and all it was was a silly time-lapse of us putting together these air seats.

CLICK HERE to watch the video!

So what can you do in your business that helps you deconstruct those other ideas and trends that are out there and put them in the context of your business?

If you want other great ideas of things to post on Facebook, we actually created a list of 101 different Facebook post ideas that you can use in your business or on your personal page in order to help your business grow.

CLICK HERE  to get a copy of our 101 Facebook tools to use on your social media and on your webpage.