How to Build Your Social Media Cycle

Do you struggle trying to find relevant content to post on your social media?

Today I am going to give a little tip for those of you that are struggling with your online marketing and social media.

Many people are trying to figure out how to use social media to leverage and put their business in a position where they can take in new clients, get new leads and use it where it really becomes a resource instead of that pesky annoyance that just buzzes and dings them all the time but doesn’t lead to any actual money.

Many people are trying to decide how often they should post “funny cat videos” and how often they should say “buy my stuff.” I have heard many studies that have given statistics such as:

“You should post 80% where you are giving content and giving information and 20% where you are asking for something.”

I have also even heard:

“You should post 90% where you are giving information and 10% where you are asking.”

I am going to introduce a different idea to you. I actually want you to give 100% of the time on social media using something I call a “Social Media Cycle.” And then use your advertising on your social media to actually ask for business, leads, referrals, etc.

So let me tell you what I mean about your social media cycle.

Again, most people are trying to decide haphazardly, what should I post and when should I post it? And instead of doing that, I would recommend that you set it up like an exercise routine. If you have ever been in any sort of exercise routine, you know that you have a cycle where you do legs on Monday, arms on Tuesday, back on Wednesday…etc

You have to set your social media cycle so that you do the exact same thing with the content that you share on your page. Whether that is on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc. Each one is going to have a slightly different social media cycle. For example:

  • Post a new video every Monday
  • Post a meme photo on Tuesday
  • Post a live video broadcast on Wednesday

As you go through the rest of the week, just have something planned at least once a day for your social media cycle.

One of the best ways for you to get examples of content to post, and when to post it, is you can log in to something called “Facebook Business Manager”

Click Below for a quick tutorial in Facebook Business Manager Insights:

Inside the Facebook Business Manager, you would click on something called “Facebook Insights.” What Facebook insights allows you to do is to go on and watch your competitors and see what their social media cycle is so you can borrow some of those ideas. You can see all the things your competitors are posting such as:

  • How often they are posting
  • How many posts a week
  • What type of posts are they sharing

And then you can start to build an idea of what your ideal customers and clients are looking for.

Start to post the social media cycle so you know every Monday at 10:00am I will post a video, and every Tuesday at 4:00pm I will post a photo. Decide what the cycle is that you are using to frame up your social media. And then what will happen is your clients will start to get used to it.

It’s like watching their favorite TV show that they know comes on on Monday and then their other favorite show that comes on on Wednesday. Just make sure that you give them a cycle. People love cycles. They love habits. They love patterns and they will enjoy your social media in an entirely different level.

If you want more tips on how you can actually use advertising to ask for clients, check out other tips at

Let me know in the comment section below: What was the new information that you took away from this video that you are going to apply immediately.

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Until then, have a fantastic week.