How to Become More Comfortable with Yourself on Camera

I am joined today by a good friend of mine, Justin Teoh all the way from Australia.  He is a wealth of wisdom and knowledge and is going to share some major nuggets of value with you all about how to produce videos for your business even if you hate being on camera.

Do you struggle with the thought of producing videos because you don’t like the way you look on camera, you feel like you sound weird or you are afraid of how it might turn out?

Check out today’s video where Justin shares with us a couple of big tips to help you become more comfortable on camera and produce some amazing videos to help grow your business.

Justin shared with us a couple of big tips that will help you become more comfortable on camera and help you produce some amazing videos to grow your business.

Tip #1: Remember, the voice that YOU hear and you think sounds weird on your video, is the voice everyone else who already knows, likes and trusts you, hears.

You may think you sound funny, but everyone else just hears the same person that they always hear when they talk to you. It does not sound weird to them. It sounds normal!

Tip #2 Get productive feedback from people you know and then just keep doing it!

Take the feedback from people that you trust, make the changes that you want to make, and keep producing videos.  They are only going to continue to get better.  You have to start somewhere.

Check out the rest of the video to learn more about these awesome tips and how to use them in more detail.

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Looking forward to helping you grow your business with videos!