How to Avoid Disaster in Your Business: Face it and Fix it Interview with Mac Attram

Today I am joined by a good friend of mine that I have known for a long time, Mac Attram.

Mac speaks to thousands of people every month and in the last 5 years he has spoken to 70,000 people all over Asia and all over Europe!  He is becoming one of the biggest speakers around the globe.

He has been working with small businesses for 10 years now and in the last few years he has trained thousands of people around the world on how to have a better business and a better life.

Mac has a brand new book coming out called:

Face it and Fix it: How to Avoid Disaster and Turn Around Your Small Business.

In his book he discusses how to identify, face and fix 43 hidden problems in your small business.

I was privileged to have Mac sit down with me and discuss his new book.

It has been said that,

95% of small businesses will fail in the first five years of business.

According to Mac, if you have a small business, you need to read this book and be aware of the 43 possible failures one could face. Some failures happen sooner than others and many people get to the brink of failure not knowing what they did wrong.

By knowing what failures you might face in advance, you can plan ahead and hopefully avoid them.

In the book, Mac also gives the exact formula on how to fix each issue which then empowers you with new ways to turn your business around if you were to ever encounter problems within your business.

You can get your FREE copy of Macs book here:


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Check out the video to watch the full interview.

Have a great week!