How Do You Recharge Your Batteries?

How do you recharge your batteries?

I’ve been out here for the last five days in this beautiful place in California called Hume Lake and I’ve been able to enjoy not only this beautiful lake behind me, but the awesome grounds as well.

They have all kinds of cool activities here!

They have rope swings and ropes courses and a giant blob you can jump on into the water. In the winter they have some downhill, amazing things they do with cardboard and duct tape. They have all kinds of awesome activities to create some really amazing memories for people here.

One of things that I realized the last couple of days is that everybody charges their batteries very differently.

A lot of people say things such as,

“Go get some solitude.”
“Go get some rest.”
“Go get some quiet time.”

It may not surprise you to know that this is not really how I recharge. The last five days have been interesting. We found ourselves sleeping a lot, sitting a lot and thinking a lot. And that’s not really my speed to be very, very honest.

So what we did was we went out and went to the Sequoias, and we looked at some really awesome, ginormous trees. And we also we drove around and checked out some other cool places.

But one of my favorite things that we did one night was we just randomly met some nice people, and we played some games, and we laughed. A ton!

You know what? For me I recharge around people. I recharge around activities. I recharge around fun things you can do in your life.

So, if for you, it’s not solitude, that’s okay! Maybe it is solitude for you. I just want to say for everyone, find the thing that allows you to recharge to the best of your ability, so you can be the best of who you need to be.

We have been running around like crazy at Business Refuel pretty recently. We hired on a bunch of new people. We have made some amazing things happen. We have some huge things on deck that we are going to be announcing. Some things we have announced. Some things we haven’t announced yet. But if you find yourself crazy, overwhelmed, busy, frustrated or short tempered, well it might be time for you to recharge your batteries.

So let me know in the comment section below, how do you recharge your batteries? How do you make sure that when you are at your lowest, you can really be at your best because you have been properly recharged?