Do You Get Tongue-Tied Trying to Create Content for your Videos?

Have you ever sat down to create content and just thought,

“I’m out of topics. I don’t have enough information. I don’t know enough about what we’re talking about in order to create this video.”

So then you just stop and it prevents you from putting out video content?

Well, good news! Yes, people want your information, but what they want more than the information you have, is your interpretation of the information.

There are a lot of people that become very popular on YouTube or other sources just by giving you their take on current events or their take on un-boxing a product. It’s often more about the interpretation, and the amount of information that you digest and give back out.

Think about this: If I teach you how to bake a cake, for example, you might just like how I teach and break down how to bake a cake.

Two really good examples of different teaching styles:

  • Guy Fieri – the casual, down home, barbecuey kind of cook on Food Network
  • Gordon Ramsay – the jerk that everybody loves to hate

These two people are very successful for very different reasons.

You need to figure out what your unique flavor is when you’re putting out video content whether it’s on Facebook, YouTube or any other channel.

  • Are you funny?
  • Are you quirky?
  • Are you stiff?

What is the thing that makes you unique and adds your own seasoning to the information? Because that’s what people want to see.

That’s why I think a lot of people watch the videos they watch, because they like the flavor of who you are more than anything else.

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