Are You a Ponderer or a Doer?

Do you know what drives me nuts? What makes me absolutely insane is people who endlessly go to seminars, learn all of the things they should be doing, but then they never do it.

Have you ever gone to an event where you sit next to someone and they say,

“Oh! That’s a really good idea. I’m going to do that.”

And when you ask them when they are going to do it they say

“Well, I’m going do it in like a month or a week or whenever I can think about it.”

And a lot of people end up in that mode where they are just learning all the time and they never do anything with it.

I was sitting in a class recently and we were talking about videos and how we syndicate our videos and what kind of tools we used, and this guy next to me asked me,

“Jason, what are you doing with this, this, and this?”

And I said,

“Oh, dude super easy! I put it on YouTube, I do this, and I do that.”

I told him what we did and he said,

“That’s a good idea!”

He looked down, sent a text to his assistant, and got it done right then and there.

When I was a part of a franchise system, one of the things that I wanted to know upfront and early was how much money everybody was making. And you know what I found? Nobody wanted to share their numbers or share their information. They all wanted to go to the seminars and feel good and say that they were doing all of this really cool stuff but they didn’t want to share anything.

You know what? The franchise doesn’t even exist anymore because everybody in the franchise was broke. In fact, I learned at one point that I was one of the only people that was making money in that franchise system. Don’t get me wrong, there were four or five other people that were actually making money too.

The problem is that nobody wanted to share their numbers. Nobody wanted to talk about reality, and everybody was cool pretending to be business owners, but not actually being business owners.

If you have ever given somebody advice and they never did anything with it, that’s a ponderer. They think that so many of the things that you do are good ideas, but those ideas are just not for them or it’s not the right time.

Successful people are the people who just do something.

Somebody said to me once,

“Jason, you are not afraid. You just hit the go live button and you just start talking.”

And I said,

“Yeah, I do all the time, you know why? Because I know it works to grow my business!”

If you want take action, and you want to make sure that action is your mission statement, instead of having the, ‘let me think about it’ mentality, then TAKE ACTION. It is the most important thing for you to do!

The biggest difference between people who screw off the rest of their life and people who actually become successful are the people who TAKE ACTION.

So do me a favor, and take action and don’t be a lurker on this video! Hit the share button and make sure that other people get it because I want more people to get it. This is not about consuming and never using. It’s about consuming and then doing.

Broke people don’t implement. People who are successful implement.