Are you a Creator or a Complainer?

Are you a Creator or a Complainer?

I was scrolling through Facebook the other day and my friend George posted something complaining about all of the complainers on Facebook. He said,

Recently, I’ve been watching people complain a lot, so I thought I would give it a shot.”

So he spent 18 minutes complaining and grumbling about things going on in his life, until he eventually got bored and stopped. In the following ten 10 minutes, he decided to put his energy toward work, and he made an $18,000 sale.

It took him approximately the same amount of energy, and less time, to solicit a sale, as it did to lament about what’s wrong with everyone and everything.

Some people can spend hours, even days and beyond, in that complaining zone. They create excuses, which turns into a mindset that is unwilling or unable to move beyond these protests and into the solution.

Instead of focusing on what’s wrong with a situation, another approach is to ask yourself,

“What steps can I create to fix the situation?”

It’s a shift from being a complainer to a creator. And posing such a question can positively impact productivity, by bringing an action to the forefront. Use it at the office. Next time someone’s stuck in a negativity cycle, ask them,

“What can you do to solve the problem and move forward?”

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Have an amazing week and go out and create something amazing!