5 Simple Ways to Hire the Best of the Best

Do you want to hire only the best of the best?

We have all been there. Stressed, overwhelmed and working way to hard and just when you are at the end of your rope, guess what you need to do? Hire someone new to come help you lighten the load. But you are already busy, and overwhelmed. You don’t have enough time.

Well, this simple, five step process is going to help you hire very easily and screen the potential people in advance during the interview process.

Tip # 1 Write your job description or your ad more like an advertisement and less like a job description.

– Write an attention getting introduction.
– Ask a question.
– Ask something interactive.
– Ask if they have ninja skills in a certain area.

Make sure you do something that will get their attention so that you stand out from the rest of the people who are randomly posting job descriptions online.

Tip #2: Talk about what’s in it for them.

Remember they are evaluating your company and deciding if it’s in their future for their entire life. So talk about what your job has to do for them and why it’s going to be a benefit.

Tip #3: Post an elevator pitch

Talk about your company. Talk about it’s history and just a brief description, maybe a couple of sentences, of what it is that you do for other people and why its an advantage to work for you.

Tip #4: Post about the job duties, functions and the requirements that you would normally put in a job description.

Tip #5: Ask them to do some homework

What I like to do is say,

“Attached in your cover letter please include three reasons why you think you would be a good fit for this company.”

When I get cover letters back, if I even get a cover letter, and they respond to what I asked for, those are the people I call back because if they are too lazy to even read your entire job description, they are probably skimming through postings and are not serious about the job.

If I don’t’ get a cover letter at all, they are out of my mind because I asked for one, so they clearly didn’t follow all the directions.

I also ask them to include any recent examples of their work that might be pertinent to the position they are applying too.

So if you like this tip, and you find it helpful, in the comment section, simply write the word helpful.